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In the News – You Don’t Have to be Wealthy to Put This Estate Plan into Place

Published 10/1/2018

In a recent article from CNBC, Darla Mercado points out that estate plans are especially important for families with children. While, yes, having an estate plan can help you see that your loved ones are given the funds and assets that you wish; an estate plan can also ensure that your children are properly cared for and protected by the guardian of your choosing.

Your estate plan can also hold important documentation on Powers of Attorney, or your designated overseers of personal finances and medical wishes in the event that you become incapacitated. A very real fear that many have is not being able to explain their wishes of how their own medical care should be handled. By establishing directly in your estate plan who you wish to make those decisions for you as Powers of Attorney, this will protect you from these adverse events.

If you are still hesitant on how an estate plan is beneficial to you, contact the attorneys at Pankau Law, and we can explain to you how important estate planning is for everyone. We can set up an initial consultation with you and help you to begin preparing an estate plan tailored to your unique needs. Contact us now!


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