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In the News - New Illinois Law Regarding Battery-Operated Smoke Detectors

Published 10/5/2018

Smoke detectors are a device that is required in all homes but is often times overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance. If you manage residential or commercial real estate or own your own home, this new Illinois law is something to keep in mind.

Fox News Illinois recently shared an eye-opening article about the new state law requiring that all battery-operated smoke detectors must be replaced by non-removable 10-year battery smoke detectors by the end of 2022. The goal of this new law is to decrease the amount of deaths due to fire related accidents in the home. In 2018 alone, 88 people have been killed in a house fire in Illinois.

According to Executive Director of IL Safety Alliance Phil Zaleski, “about 65% of those deaths are a result of smoke alarms that are not functioning or do not have batteries” in all national fire related deaths in the home. By making the simple switch to these new smoke detectors, mandated by law, residents will be more likely to get out of the home safely and with fair warning thanks to properly working alarm systems.

Homes that were built prior to the late 1980s are at a higher risk for not having these new legal smoke detectors. If you are not sure if your home has the proper detection system or if you do not know how to update your smoke detectors, there is no need to worry. Many fire departments throughout the state of Illinois may be able to help you make the switch. This is especially helpful for seniors and other citizens who do not have the necessary tools and equipment to update their smoke detectors to the new operating system.

Contact your local fire department today to see if you qualify for assistance in making the change to the new state mandated non-removable 10-year battery operated smoke detectors. To read this article in full, visit Fox News Illinois here.

Keeping your residential property and your senior loved ones safe is a number one concern. Make sure they are protected with the help of the elder law and real estate lawyers at Pankau Law in Itasca, IL. Call today to schedule your free legal consultation!


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