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In the News – Special Needs Trusts: What They Do and How They Work

When you have dependent loved ones, planning for the future is something that must be considered. From this Forbes article Rob Clarfeld discusses why a Special Needs Trust cannot go overlooked and requires careful estate planning to ensure the longevity and protection of loved ones.
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In the News – The College Admissions Scandal & Estate Planning

The recent college admissions scandal amongst many celebrity children has brought upon a great question about estate planning. In a news article from Forbes, Danielle and Andy Mayoras explain how celebrities often have money to spend frivolously on “college counseling services” that fraudulently get their children into prestigious colleges and universities. Not only is this unfair to the average student who does not come from a wealthy background, but it is also bribery and cheating.
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In the News – Housing Market Shows Signs of Hope

In a January article from the Chicago Tribune, Kenneth Harney explains how the real estate market is starting to show positive signs for hope. Harney remarks that the government shutdown amidst other stock market pressures have made many believe that now is not the best time for buying and selling.
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In the News – Estate Planning for Business Owners: What Happens to Your Business When You Leave?

In a news article from Florida Today, Stephen Lacey and Brooke Benzio identify some of the important reasons why establishing an estate plan is essential if you own a business. For many business owners, you have worked your entire life to create the company that you are proud of. Leaving it in good hands and setting it up for continuous success is a good start to your estate plan.
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In the News – Pooch of the Probate

When a loved one has passed away, going through probate to validate their will and disburse their assets can be a very complicated and depressing process. Probate courts require many different legal documents and a thorough understanding of one’s wishes before any decisions are made and beneficiaries can receive their intended elements of an estate. Not only is the process difficult, but it is also draining on loved ones who are already facing upset from losing a family member or friend.
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In the News – 9 Things You Need To Know About Estate Planning After Divorce

In a recent article on Forbes, Christine Fletcher has compiled a list of 9 things to consider in your estate plan after undergoing a divorce in 2018. With divorce agreements and settlements dividing assets like never before, keeping your estate plan in check with the proper elements is essential to ensure the legalities of disbursement to your beneficiaries.
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In the News – How To Ruin Your Estate Plan By Signing A Stupid ‘Standard’ Form

So, you’re ahead of the ball game and have already begun to think about establishing your estate plan. However, in the process of preparing your estate plan, how do you ensure that you are making the best decisions for you and your family? Beware or Standard forms.
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In the News – Let’s Rethink the Meaning of Estate Plans

Recently, Wall Street Journal columnist Glenn Ruffenach put together an article on several common questions that retirees and soon-to-be retirees have. He starts by answering an important question to consider in estate planning.
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