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In the News – 7 Big Estate Planning Mistakes – The Power of Attorney Trap

From Bob Carlson’s second installment of his blog series “7 Big Estate Planning Mistakes,” he explains how many people expect more form and function from their Powers of Attorney than they necessarily get from the estate plan. While explicitly defining who you want in charge of your finances and medical wishes can be done this way, there are still several things to consider after including your Powers of Attorney in your estate plan.
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In the News - Why One Moline Family is Worried the State will take the Family House

In a recent post from WQAD, Katherine Bauer takes a glimpse into an elder law horror story that may result in hardships for many families in the state of Illinois. This past July, the Lindberg family contacted the news station in hopes of raising awareness to other elders who may be stuck in the same situation as Rachel Lindberg.
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In the News – 7 Big Estate Planning Mistakes – Relying Only on a Will

In Bob Carlson’s first installment of his blog series “7 Big Estate Planning Mistakes,” he discusses how relying only on a will to cover all the fundamental information necessary is insubstantial. Many people believe that having a clear and dedicated will is enough, but a detailed estate plan is much more important to see to it that your wishes and assets are properly followed.
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In the News - New Illinois Law Regarding Battery-Operated Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a device that is required in all homes but is often times overlooked when it comes to care and maintenance. If you manage residential or commercial real estate or own your own home, this new Illinois law is something to keep in mind.
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In the News – You Don’t Have to be Wealthy to Put This Estate Plan into Place

Many people believe that in order to establish an estate plan, you must have a large estate or significant amount of assets that would require the proper legal disbursement of your wealth. However, estate plans are for more than just the wealthy, they are an important documentation for everyone.
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In the News - Aretha Franklin Didn’t Leave a Will; Here’s What Will Happen to Her Estate

The loss of well-known singer Aretha Franklin came as a shock to Americans across the United States. Even more shocking is the fact that Aretha Franklin did not leave a will or estate plan behind regarding her wishes about who is to receive what from her multi-million-dollar fortune. In cases like this, it is always shocking to find out that a celebrity with such a large net worth does not have a dedicated estate plan because of the great pains and issues that can come to their survivors when dealing with probate court.
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In the News – “Didn’t Save Enough For Retirement? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do.”

Retirement is what we work every day of our lives for so that we can enjoy doing the things that we want to do. But if you’re getting close to retirement and are realizing that maybe you didn’t save enough, don’t fret because there are still ways to cut back and enjoy the most relaxing years of your life.
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In the News – “Buzz Aldrin Fights Family For Control of His Space Legacy”

From a recent post in The Wall Street Journal, Gretchen Morgenson shared an interesting story about an elder law and powers of attorney dispute. Buzz Aldrin, famous for his walk on the moon, is now 88 and facing a legal battle against his two youngest children who say that he is in mental decline and no longer is able to manage his company, Buzz Aldrin Enterprises, or his nonprofit, ShareSpace Foundation. With the help of his lawyer, Robert Tourtelot, Aldrin has discovered years of unfair dealings by his children and secretary who have slowly taken over his businesses and their trust funds within his estate plan.
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