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  • Itasca Estate Planning Lawyers

    Estate Planning Made Easy

    Having an effective estate plan is a necessity for everyone. Providing clear documentation of your wishes for how your estate is managed and distributed is a gift to the loved ones you will leave behind. At The Law Office of John Pankau, P.C., we will help you answer the difficult questions surrounding estate planning and ensure your wishes are properly conveyed.

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  • Illinois Wills Attorneys

    Illinois Wills Attorneys

    At The Law Office of John Pankau, P.C., we are highly experienced in helping clients execute their wills. We will carefully guide you through the estate planning process and make sure your final wishes are clearly expressed.

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  • Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in DuPage County

    Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

    When choosing a law firm, there are many factors to consider. Your attorney should be experienced, competent, knowledgeable about the law, trustworthy, compassionate, and affordable. At The Law Office of John Pankau, P.C., we pride ourselves on offering these qualities to our clients. With two seasoned attorneys in our practice, we have over 30 years of combined legal experience helping individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Chicago area, including Dupage, Cook, and and Kane Counties.

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  • DuPage County estate planning attorneys
  • Itasca elder law lawyers

Effective Legal Representation For Matters Closest To Home

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Real Estate and Business Attorneys Serving Itasca, IL

At The Law Office of John Pankau, P.C., we are proud to provide our clients with high-quality legal counsel and services in estate planning, estate administration and trust administration, real estate, and business law. Our attorneys and legal staff offer both compassion and competence as we steer you through the legal process.


Estate Planning and Estate Administration Legal Services

For over 30 years we have helped clients through the important process of estate planning. We understand how challenging it can be to answer difficult questions about your family, your finances, and the legacy you want to leave for your family and loved ones. The down-to-earth character of our firm will put you at ease and make the estate planning process as painless as possible. No matter how simple or complex your estate, an effective estate plan is a necessity. We can help you preserve your assets and protect your family.

Our experienced attorneys also provide top-notch estate and trust administration services. Successfully navigating the requirements of settling the estate of a family member or friend can be daunting for most people. We will help you through each step, which may include discussing probate, and ensure the assets of the estate are properly managed and distributed.


Itasca Real Estate and Business Law Counsel

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, the stakes are high and you must be legally protected. We have guided clients through countless real estate transactions of all types, and we use our experience to ensure your interests are protected at every step of the process. The advice and counsel of an experienced attorney is invaluable in both residential and commercial real estate dealings, and we hope you choose the Law Office of John Pankau, P.C. to represent your needs.


Itasca Elder Law Attorneys

Whether you are a healthy senior citizen planning for retirement or downsizing, an adult child helping your parents with chronic healthcare needs the experienced attorneys at The Law Office of John Pankau, PC can assist with these and other elder law issues.


Long Term Care and Guardianship

Whether it’s planning for long term care, guardianship, powers of attorney, asset protection or Medicaid planning, we focus on meeting the needs of seniors and their families. Let the attorneys and staff of The Law Office of John Pankau, PC be your resource for all of your family’s elder law and estate planning legal needs.


Special Need

Many families are faced with disabled children and adults. It is important to protect these love ones and to provide for them to the best of our abilities. Consider the establishment of a special needs trust to provide for special needs above those services provided by the governmental agencies. These trusts must be established within certain guidelines to make sure the assets of the trust are protected. We would be happy to meet with your and your love ones and let our attorneys and staff at The Law Office of John Pankau, PC work with you to set up your legacy.

To learn more about how we can assist you with any of our practice areas, contact us at 630-875-0500 to schedule a consultation. One of our attorneys will meet with you to answer your questions and assess your legal needs. From our Itasca law office, we represent clients throughout the Chicago area, including Cook, DuPage, Kane Counties.

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